Pruning Operations


Site specific pruning requirements carried out to BS3998 2010 Recommendations for Tree Work.

We carry out works tailored to meet both the needs of the client and the needs of the specific tree. Our role is to harmonise the relationship between the tree and its surrounding environment. Tree pruning has multiple benefits for both the client and the tree. Pruning helps to manage a trees size, improves its shape, and it also has benefits such as improving access and increasing light. It also helps to improve the structural integrity, aesthetics, and strength of your tree. There are many types of pruning including crown reduction, thinning and lifting. Complete Tree Services offer excellent pruning services which ensure you get the best outcome for both you and your tree.

Crown Lifting

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This raises the canopy of a tree by removing the lowest branches. This helps to increase the light under the tree and removes intrusive branches over buildings or away from roads and street lights.

Crown Thinning

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Thinning is selective branch removal which helps to improve structure and increases air movement and light penetration through the crown. Proper thinning reduces weight on heavy limbs, opens the foliage of a tree and helps retain the tree’s natural shape.

Crown Reduction

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Crown Reduction reduces the size of a tree. Reducing a tree’s height or spread is best accomplished by pruning back the leaders and branch terminals to secondary branches that are large enough to assume the terminal roles (at least one-third the diameter of the cut stem). Reduction helps maintain the form and structural integrity of the tree.